Car modification for the masses

There is a new movie set to be released today and this quirky film takes the name of the Race-ist. But before you get offended, this film is not about South Africa’s past and its struggle with racist issues. The Race-ist is about cars and…cars. If you are a fan of films that contain fast cars with roaring engines and chase scenes that will keep you on the edge of your seat, then the Race-ist is a film that might tickle your fancy for flashy vehicles and jam packed action. There is no shortage of car modification in this film that’s full of bling and bang and even though some of us might think that these modified cars are just too over the top to be real, do not be fooled. As much as the film contains a little bit of action, romance and comedy, it also contains a vast amount of car visuals where car modification enthusiasts can drool over some sweet wheels and magnificent mags.

Car modificationSouth Africa is a major fan of car modification and many of the cars that South African individuals have altered and pimped out could be easily be featured on the MTV series Pimp My Ride. For many, car modification enthusiasts are not merely individuals who are looking to spruce up their car just for fun, they are people who spend their time and money on improving their cars, adding accessories and making them driving machines that can reach speeds that we only imagine in our dreams.

Car modificationWebsites such a Carmods are a prime example of a site where all likeminded individuals can meet and share their car modification tips as well as boast about their latest modifications. Many of these enthusiasts spend thousands of rands monthly on their car as it is their hobby, their past time and even their obsession. Specialised car modification software designs their modifications down to the detail, ready for them to physically add their velocity to their vehicle.
Car modification enthusiasts have had their fair share of problems as they feel that police target in on them owing to the appearance of their custom cars. Individuals who conduct car modification properly and who do not modify their car illegally or drag race illegally feel as if they are being targeted unnecessarily. The truth is that there are a fair number of illegal drag races taken place daily and some of these so called fun escapades can end badly, as we have seen in the famous Jub Jub case. Illegal races continue to race because they know that they can get away with it regardless.

Car modificationSome who modify their cars wish to do so for racing purposes and many of these cars are raced in places like Killarney Race Course in Cape Town. Others prefer the beauty of car modification and prefer to alter their vehicles in order to please the eye. Car dealers are now more regularly experiencing individuals coming in and opting for more simple cars that they can modify and mould into their own supercar and they say that car modification is becoming more popular in South Africa especially.

Car modification is a way of life for some, a scene of sorts that only some are integrated into. Once your car is pimped up to the extreme, it seems that you are accepted into a secret society, a type of inner circle that only spinning mags and a glittering paint job can enter into.

Car modification enthusiasts feel that they are a misunderstood niche and are commonly portrayed as degenerates with nothing better to do. The featuring of car modification on television and internet has made some individuals understand that this is more than a hobby – it’s a lifestyle choice. Industry experts say that customizing is becoming more popular, especially with high net worth individuals who are keen to make their cars stand out from the rest.

Car modificationSo, if after seeing the Race-ist, you are inspired to get involved in car modification, be sure that what you are intending to do is fully legal as well as safe as any alterations to your car could mean a bigger change that you are prepared for. Car modification may not be for all of us though, as a majority of us drivers who wish to use their cars for commuting purposes only, will be satisfied by hanging an ornament on our review mirror just to give our car that extra kick!