Rolls Royce Wedding Car

Rolls-Royce, the car industry known for producing some of the best car in the world at all times. From the early days of their lives, and HP IP 40 session for the first (what later known as Ghost Silver), coming off the production line, when she was chosen as a demonstrator, and the automotive industry to rise, and pointed out that the quality of the car, "Rolls Royce" of generation.

People often do not Rolls-Royce, maker of luxury cars, if you are prompted to name the first company that springs to mind. But the high prices, and the car looks a little bit of reach for us. Perhaps it is part of the charm of this car, it is the first choice as a transport for the transfer of the bride on her wedding day in many cases. Finally, in about a Rolls Royce or they are not to ride every day, it's not everyday that you can not get married.

No doubt, a classic Rolls Royce cars are not like the lack of beauty. I saw the way through daily life and rarely, when they see, and guaranteed to turn heads. Care and Silver Ghost, Silver Ghost with the Phantom model, the second primary, has been restored with love is the perfect tool to create the wedding, and make the perfect backdrop for any wedding day photos. These cars in the early and help add to the attractiveness and charm, is very rare.
However, the modern Rolls-Royce Phantom cars great on an equal footing, as well as old friends. Phantom, even if the car is parked, is an elegant country give the illusion of movement. When the class and quietly elegant at the same time whispering power, unambiguous, and looking in the head phantom.

The engine is still, V12 eerily quiet with plenty of torque, is 6.75 pounds. They are able to maintain dignity when the bride made her out of her car and opens the back door of the coach, the perfect backdrop for the bride. And sitting in front of the hood, a company mascot, "Spirit of Ecstasy" near great that the session of the car.
Rolls-Royce has always been striving to perfect, which is the spirit that stands by their company, such as starting early. Rolls-Royce, regardless of the reason to stay at the forefront of the luxury car more than a century, Rolls-Royce style that you choose to become a model for modern or classic wine from a happy experience first hand.

Chevrolet Malibu 2013 - What's new?

Chevrolet Malibu, named in honor of the first American city, and in 1964, hit the market in a series of Chevrolet Chevelle. Since then, General Motors to produce several models of Malibu, in 2010, became a best-selling automakers in the United States. Chevrolet Malibu plans to sell more than 100 countries, wants to bring success in the United States. In the mid-size sedan has become increasingly strong, but Chevrolet is planning for the next generation Chevrolet Malibu stand with them?


Malibu exterior design, Dan Gifford, Malibu and 2013 is that more active and exercise. "In 2013, sports model, slightly shorter and about three inches wide with a design inspired by the Camaro and Corvette models sporting the brand.

"We wanted to mix sports with the sensitivity of the family sedan segment," Bryan Nesbitt, GM's design director says.

Not only of the models are larger, but will have a more aggressive stance, as it is active in prison thanks to the integrated rear spoiler and more streamlined. "Working with the curtain in the opening, the required cooling and you need air flow to cool the engine, close to No. Chevy Show, and Malibu is the coefficient of drag (Cd) to assess near the Chevrolet Volt electric long term you will have the car significantly." Dynamics of the pavement "is" General Motors has been designed to capture the light and show the effect on how exciting hope of Malibu is separate from the others in this category.

Interior and Technology

Malibu, more than 2 inches wide in 2010, the new model is more than 113 liters of space in the cabin. Premium cabin materials feel classier Chevrolet and six-inch deep storage space under the display option to store a cell phone, and new stores, including some very smart, and includes it. Chevrolet Malibu new, they are music, traffic control, so the 7 inch color display touch screen, or create a text message or a call using voice recognition In addition, the Chevrolet MyLink linking users to the system for smart phones and comes with packets recreational items . Ford Sync system, the system using the same successful principles of smart integration, the first real competitor.

Engine and Handling

Chevrolet Malibu buyers are very popular options for GM V6 2013 in current models do not say, and chose to drop the line trim of the engine. Car manufacturers, including a six-speed automatic mated to the engine-cylinder direct-injection 2.5-liter ECOTEC four new engines more economical and more powerful, and choose to sell the new Chevrolet Malibu. Engine choices are, of course, will not be available in European markets. GM will "ride and handling were affected in Europe," in hopes to help and are marketed the new Chevrolet Malibu in Europe.

Cars in The Fast and the Furious

I would like to share some pictures of car which featured in the movie The Fast and the Furious.

The Fast and The Furious Mitsubishi Eclipse

Brian O'Conner's 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse.

The Fast and The Furious Ford F150

Brian O'Conner's Ford F150.

The Fast and The Furious Nissan Silvia S14 and Nissan Skyline GTR

Nissan Silvia S14 and Nissan Skyline GTR R33.

The Fast and The Furious 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder

1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder, belongs to the street racer.

The Fast and The Furious Honda Del Sol

Honda Del Sol, belongs to the street racer.

The Fast and The Furious Nissan Skyline GTR R33

Nissan Skyline GTR R33.

The Fast and The Furious Mazda RX7 FD3S

Dominic Toretto's Mazda RX7 FD3S.

The Fast and The Furious Honda Civic Team

Team of modded Honda Civic.

The Fast and The Furious Acura Integra 4 doors

Acura Integra 4 doors.

The Fast and The Furious Toyota Supra VS Ferrari

Toyota Supra VS Ferrari.

The Fast and The Furious Honda S2000

Johnny Tran's Honda S2000.

The Fast and The Furious Honda Civic EG Coupe

Honda Civic EG Coupe.

The Fast and The Furious Toyota Supra  VS 1970 Dodge Charger
The Fast and The Furious Toyota Supra  VS 1970 Dodge Charger

Toyota Supra VS 1970 Dodge Charger R/T.

The Fast and the Furious 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS

Dominic Toretto's 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS.

The Fast and The Furious Vin Diesel and Paul Walker

Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and Brian O'Conner (Paul Walker).

2011 BMW i3 Concept at Frankfurt Auto Show

bmw-i3-concept-turing-frontIn Frankfurt, BMW out the big guns with two concepts employing power in large parts of carbon. The BMW i3 comes in the form of a minispace to complement the duo’s big brother cut i8.Everyone now knows, the big offensive in the automotive market for electric cars segment. BMW is no exception and has every intention to attack, in terms of sportiness with its cut i8, but also mobility with i3.

bmw-i3-concept-turing-backThis is an answer for those seeking an electric vehicle adapted to everyday needs for use primarily urban. Practice, designed to provide optimum efficiency, the i3 brand with style BMW’s entry into the electric era. Unlike many vehicles, the BMW i3 is not the result of the conversion of a vehicle, but rather a creation of its own. A process that has to rethink the organization of elements on board the car to an enhanced livability.

Stylistically, the i3 concept is strongly oriented towards the car of tomorrow. With its large windows to let in light, its doors for easy access antagonists. He tries to charm the public. Add to that a load volume of more than 200 liters, and you get a vehicle that should convince many. To counter the weight gain induced by the arrival of the batteries and all the artillery necessary to the effectiveness of electric vehicles, BMW has opted for building materials that provide both lightness and strength without adversely affecting the behavior road.

bmw-i3-concept-frontThe architecture of the car, called the LifeDrive, combines two modules. Drive module includes the frame, the energy accumulator, the drive system and active functions in a collision. All in a structure consisting essentially of aluminum. Life module for its part is an interior light and resistant reinforced, not surprisingly, by carbon fibers. Its light weight helps to preserve the autonomy of the car while improving performance.


2012 Jaguar XJ X350

Jaguar XJ X350 Series Sports Line Black Bison Edition Wald's work has several feature changes, among others, the front bumper spoiler, side steps, rear spoiler bumper, boot lid spoiler, roof spoiler, fender panel and mirror covers with LED indicators.
Wald also added a sports exhaust DTM TW240 for his new sound and Renovatio R12 21-inch - 9.0J x 21-inchers with 255/30R21 tires in front and 10.5J x 21-inchers in the rear wrapped with 295/25R21 tires

2012 New Hyundai Veloster

The automaker Hyundai continues to demonstrate its presence in the automotive world by presenting a number of concept cars and new cars that will be adopted updated technology. One of the cars with the latest technology is the 2012 model Hyundai Veloster. Hyundai wanted to fix the problem by introducing a version of the turbocharged engine is more powerful in order to compete with other competitors.

In the sector of kitchen runway, Veloster will be equipped with 1.6 L four-cylinder T-GDI. This machine is claimed to be capable of spraying power up to 208 hp (155kW) at 6000 rpm rotation with a maximum torque of 264 Nm (187 lb.ft) at 1600-5000 rpm range. These results make the power equivalent to the Golf GTI Veloster but lower torque 16 Nm.

2011 BMW i8 Concept at Frankfurt Motor Show

bmw-i8-concept-front-sideBMW has launched BMW i8 Concept will be revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show, a sporty plug-in hybrid electric motors and combustion engines after the Vision EfficientDynamics concept.

bmw-i8-concept-frontThe Concept i8, very close to the concept Vision EfficientDynamics is a 2 +2 coupe which receives the electric motor of the i3 concept on its front axle and 1.5 three-cylinder block internal combustion high performance of 164 kW – 223 hp or – a torque of 300 Nm on the rear axle.

bmw-i8-concept-back-sideBoth engines are connected by a “Keel energy” housing a battery high voltage but with fewer battery cells than the i3, which is all electric. Physically, the BMW i8 Concept features a low profile, large glazed areas and doors elytra. The cabin, which is heavily loaded with technology, is hosting a large information screen and a screen acting as the instrument cluster.

bmw-i8-conceptThis combination allows thermal-electric 2 +2 to cover the zero to 100 km / h in under 5 seconds to reach 250 km / h, and not to consume more than 3 in the European driving cycle. The sports coupe can, thanks to its lithium-ion battery into an electrical outlet in 2 hours, 35 km to go all electric, even if there are plans for a mixed operation.

bmw-i8-concept-sideScreens that allow the driver to enjoy this i8 concept of intelligent mobility services – parking assistant, assistant traffic congestion, intelligent navigation in large cities and share premium car “Drive Now” – that BMW has to offer. To develop these new services, make the propeller also invests in young start-ups through its structure i BMW Ventures.

2012 New Hyundai Grand Avega

2012 New Hyundai Grand Avega With its sporty appearance, supported by a good engine performance. Grand Avega equipped with 1.4-liter DOHC engine combined with 4-speed automatic transmission shiftronic, sports a very strong impression visible on the side. Pull the rear fender line from front to end the back door adds dashing Hyundai Grand Avega. If we look at the side of the corner three-quarters of the front, it looks like a Subaru Impreza STI hatchback versions, but closer to his brother, I30.

Toyota's New Camry is Designed to Repel Rival Emerging

At the top of the Toyota Camry cars in the world, this five-passenger midsize sedan best selling car in America since 2000, and almost every year. The current Camry, however, be overwritten by the new model - rather than sold, and is not used. Recently a few models including the Hyundai Sonata and Kia Optima, to provide more content, and superior fuel efficiency and price competitiveness.

Fierce Competition

Runner Toyota Camry and Honda Accord locations, dates and Camry both weak, and to explain how competition. Can Ford automobile industry, and other chip away at the Chevrolet sales, production capacity in order to overcome the collective model and the Camry is not the Korean manufacturers. The environmental benefits for consumers: a mid-size car today, we offer exceptional value and charm.
Although the Toyota Camry is updated, it is expected to be evolutionary rather than revolutionary change. Camry, play with the successful winner of the design means it can spoil the market place is.

Hyundai and Kia

Toyota is not to fine-tune what it is, the presentation of the engine and transmission options, nearby, otherwise compete with, including sonatas, look. Hyundai Sonata and his cousin, by providing high-speed driving 35 miles per gallon sales of Sonata and Kia Optima, raised the bar to absorb. In addition, the Sonata hybrid was hit 40 miles per gallon on the highway.
Lexus is a clear pattern images, confirmed the figure of the next generation of Camry cars that look like the current generation model, with some famous person. These are signs of the grille and headlights refined, and new wheels and new side mirrors. Avalon plan, Lexus sold, bringing the model is closest to the Toyota, that more choice in Alan Camry.

New Models

Toyota Camry as an update immediately, it is expected to launch a new car the other competitors. In early January 2012, Hybrid has a lithium-ion battery model follows the next generation of GM's Chevrolet Malibu, Ford Fusion will be available as needed, 2013, and will be available later this year are.
Perhaps the most significant new competitor in the Toyota Camry 2012 model year, the new Volkswagen Passat, now in the state of Tennessee would have been built to hit showrooms later this summer. Passat, the visitors, including Toyota, and VW models right to take, is cheaper and bigger than the previous model.

Modification of Mercedes-Benz E-Class by Brabus

Modification of Mercedes-Benz E-Class by Brabus Front ViewHome modifications Germany, featuring spectacular Brabus Mercedes-Benz E-Class which they claim as the fastest four seat convertible in the world and "gahar" as it gets "800" touch. And these figures do not only identify changes but also about the power of 800 HP engines.

Thanks to the great powers to the experience of the engineers in developing the Brabus V12 engine from Mercedes-Benz S600 is modified in all parts of the maximum, starting from a special crankshaft, pistons made ​​larger cylinder bore and cylinder heads improved to optimize the mix of sport camshafts. Plus, Biturbo system that has 4 air-to-water intercooler that is expressed by the turbocharged.

Modification of Mercedes-Benz E-Class by Brabus Back Side View
With major changes, the original engine capacity rose 5.5 liters to 6.3 liters. In addition to 800 HP power, maximum torque 1420 Nm, but is electronically limited to 1100 Nm in order to have a durable power.

Maximum speed 5-speed automatic transmission car is estimated at 400 miles per hour. But, especially for kabriolet limited to 370 miles per hour. When accelerate from 0-100 kilometers per hour is achieved in 3.7 seconds, while 0-200 kph takes 9.9 seconds and 300 miles per hour 23.9 seconds.

To offset the major forces, Brabus also perfected the feet. As recalibrated suspension with adjustable dampers. Included also replace brake systems that have high performance.

The width of the car body is made more definite by using a fiber material karbon.The goal, besides getting a lighter weight, aerodynamic factors that change can be obtained and tested in a wind tunnel. Because of the wide body, four wheels can wear tires rims wrapped in size 265/30 ZR 9.5Jx19 (front), behind 10-inch rims with 295/30 ZR tires.
Modification of Mercedes-Benz E-Class by Brabus

Toyota 20 Years From The Date of Convoys

Some Toyota models from manufacturers different from the camp for nearly 20 years. During peak season, which is produced in the style of mobile homes and more than 60 different models of this small camp.

Chinook and begin implementation of the camp and down to the largest Toyota Winnebago relatively small base model Toyota's, and Itasca, based on the Toyota vehicle to contribute to the establishment of several manufacturers RV industry.
This vehicle due to the number of producers is not uncommon to see different names, and more. Small overall size, there was a variety of end land. This leads to the kind of coverage and details of the attack, and asked him to build a virtual version of the many manufacturers.

The manufacturers begin to expand the size of the body from the camp, not long. Using conventional manufacturing techniques found in the travel trailer industry, and became the main component of the standard type and stick with the aluminum siding construction.
In the decade of the 1980s, and reached the peak of production Toyota camper. Producing many different models in many different companies. Have been many large companies in this business, and the nation's RV, and the product from the Dolphin many of the popular series. It also produces a model of the sea breeze. Winnebago brave at the same time, as well as the warrior spirit and create a model Itasca luxury.

Produced Dahmen, Inc., Elkhart, Indiana in the performance of the vehicle to escape, while Waggoner Waggoner and Popular models Savannah. Odyssey Entertainment "Americana, Santa Cruz, Laguna and the establishment of camper.

While the park is being built with fiber glass from the Pacific is still very popular SunRader Mini Mirage Mirage "industry" built. "

By the end of 1980, was extended along the body from the camp to 22 feet. This has caused a serious problem of overloading the axle to pick up a ton of origin. Has issued national safety recall by the U.S. government to settle the issue. Most of the models, given the axes of the new sound. However, there are several units currently available are the focus of dangerous. Be careful if you see version 1980 of this camp are very popular.

In 1989, V6 is available from the chassis of the Toyota. This increase in horsepower, and is very popular with the owners of the camp and stop the supply of chassis manufacturers produce safety reasons, and the Toyota camp, and continued until 1994. Caravan, produced some of the latest version of the V6 in 1994.

During production, is proud of the success of the very popular Toyota campervan, distributed widely across the country. The maximum number of units on the road today, and it appears that concentrated in East and West, mobile homes, and these appear almost anywhere in the country.