Kia KX3

So far this is for the Chinese market (Which is what they always say before it ends up over here)

It looks a bit generic to me. Kia has done more original stuff in the last few years.
Still, it does seem nice.
Nice enough to compete with the new Mazda CX2 and Honda HR-V.

Power comes from a 1.6 Liter engine with 123HP. Of a Turbo version with 200HP.

Lincoln MKX

The MKX doesn't look like a Ford Edge anymore.
Just like the MKC doesn't look like the Escape it is based on.

I think Lincoln has really found a very nice "look". Finally.

While Cadillac seems to be focused on competing with BMW and Mercedes (but actually ends up being more like an American Infiniti in the process), Lincoln seems to be going more after Audi. As well as Lexus and Acura. Which is a great idea.

Buick Cascada

And it is NOT called the Velite. Other rumors were wrong, like a new "more Buick like" grille.
Or the 2.0 Liter engine.
Instead, it looks like we are getting the exact same car as the Opel version. Even the grille is exactly the same, which is almost weird. ( I wonder if Buick is abandoning its usual "waterfall" design to adopt the exact same on as Opel)
Even the engine is the same. We are getting the smaller 1.6 Liter with 200hp.
Which, as far as I know, hasn't been available in the US so far.

VW Cross Coupe GTE

I do think it looks really good. Basically a 5 seat version of the CrossBlue Concept. But a bit more modern and aggressive.

What's wrong? The name for one. A 5 seat version of a 7 seat SUV is NOT a coupe!
And, it is yet another SUV concept from VW.
They don't need more concepts, they need production models!

Chevrolet Volt

I must say I am a bit disappointed. At least from these pictures.
It doesn't really look better or more modern than the current model to me. More like a cross between the 1st generation and  Honda Civic.
It has lost something...

They now claim a 50 miles range for the EV mode. Which is only10 miles more than the current one. I was really expecting better. Like maybe 60 or 70 miles.
The new 1.5 Liter engine/generator gets a 41 MPG average rating. Which is fine.
It also seats 5.

Chevrolet Bolt

Another concept that looks like it's "ready to go".
But who knows.

At least outside, everything looks production ready to me.
They are claiming "more than 200 miles range" and a price of around $30 000.
The range would match the upcoming Tesla model III while being cheaper.

Although I don't really see both cars competing against each other anyway. The Tesla will go after the 3 series while this would appeal more to Prius or C-Max owners.

Acura NSX

The real thing.

 So now, this is almost not news anymore since it is basically the same design we have seen since 2012.
That's 3 years.
Sure, it does look nice. But not new. And not original.

I am sure it is a great car to drive. It has a new V6 combined with 3 electric motors (!), and they are claiming over 550HP.
All that good stuff.

But I have to say that, at least on these pictures, the interior looks pretty plasticky and rather cheap.
Of course, the assy red leather doesn't help. (That always makes everything look like plastic anyway...)
And then, there is the price. "Around $150 000".
Yes. Which is over $30 000 more than the Audi R8 and about $20 000 more than the Porsche 911 GT3. Even Aston Martin has a cheaper model! (By almost $20 000!)
Insane. (Now that interior looks REALLY cheap)

Lincoln MKX

2016 BMW 1 series

This is a car we are not getting.

Pictured here is the 3 door model. As you can see, most of the changes are the usual BMW's "new bumpers and lights and don't even ask for more since this isn't all new".
(Although the rear lights are really different this time.)
Inside the biggest change seems to be a larger screen.

These are now available with the 3 cylinder engine from the new Mini Cooper in the base models.

Ford Mondeo Hatchback

Now the European Mondeo and US Fusion are pretty much the same cars.
Which is great. The new Fusion is really one of the best driving car in its class.
And it looks great.

But....   I would love to see the hatchback version over here.
Even though I know it won't happen. Since "Americans don't buy hatchbacks".
Of course they don't. No one is buying the Focus, or even the Audi A7 or even the Tesla model S.